Musical Folklore Course, Vol. 1

Musical Folklore Course, Vol. 1

This book is written in Romanian and there is no translation available.

Musical Folklore Course is a book that addresses both high school and university students, musicians and composers who want to deepen their knowledge about romanian folklore, as well as enthusiasts of the most varied, unique and spectacular folklore in the world. The volume represents not only an introduction to the study of traditional romanian culture, but also a lengthy elaboration that provides the reader with an informative material from both field research and synthesis and evaluation of the already existing documentation base.

You will discover detailed scales and methods from romanian folklore, issues of versification, rhythm and customs. The volume is suitable for the professional training of students, vocal and instrumental performers, opening up new horizons regarding the origin of the themes and motives they interpret. The book offers an opportunity to get closer to achieving an authentic interpretation of romanian folklore.

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