The Panpipe Princess, Cultural Ambassador of Romania in the world, a unique and unmistakable voice that covers over 3 octaves, Oana Lianu is a true one – woman show. She is an artist that combines vocal interpretation with the virtuosity of instruments like the panpipe, folk wind instruments and the piano.
Therefore, each of her concerts becomes a magical experience.


Arad Elites Gala

18.3.2023 19:00 | State Philharmonic Arad

Symposium SPA Holistique

05.3.2023 11:00 | Ecole Européene de Bien-etre

Guest of Terrance sings the movies

17.2.2023 20:30 & 22:30 | Hotel Madison Paris

La galette de Croissy sans frontières

28.1.2023 18:30 | Salle Kuehn, Croissy-sur-Seine