• Diploma for Academic Merit at the University of Oradea, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the training of the teaching staff and scientific research in the field of Educational Sciences, 2016
  • Honorary Diploma for the preservation and promotion of Bihor’s folklore, Mandru-i Cantecu-n Bihor, from the Bihor County Council, 2016
  • Appreciation Diploma for Judging the Inter-County Theater Contest, Soul’s Mirroring in Literature, 2016
  • Diploma for outstanding results in artistic creation in music, from the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research, 2016
  • Honorary Diploma for the preservation and promotion of Bihor’s musical folklore, Mandru-i Cantecu-n Bihor, from the Bihor County Council, 2015
  • Doctor of Music Degree from the Music Academy Gheorghe Dima, Cluj Napoca, 2005
  • Merit Diploma, Botosaniul Muzical, Vis de Artist Cultural Association, 2014
  • Excellence Diploma for Fidelity and Devotion in Defense of Romanian Values ​​in the Country and Everywhere, from the Vatra Romaneasca Union, Bihor Branch, 2014
  • Excellence Diploma for Interpretative Refinement and Remarkable Instrumental Virtuosity, Salaj Cultural Gala, 2013
  • Excellence Diploma, National Customs Festival, Christmas and New Year Customs , Asta-iDatina Straveche, 3rd Edition, Oradea, 2012
  • Excellence Diploma, Pro Romania European Association, Oradea, 2012
  • Excellence Diploma, Maria Lataretu Festival, Gorj, 2011
  • Gratitude Award for Support towards the Renaissance Foundation, Bucharest, 2011
  • Excellence Diploma for Artistic Career, Olbia, Italy, 2010
  • Honorary Diploma, International Book and Music Fair, Brasov, 2010
  • Excellence Diploma for the Promotion of Romanian Culture and Art Abroad, by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, 2010
  • Excellence Diploma for Promotion of Culture in the Country and Abroad, by the County Center for Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture Bihor, 2010
  • Honorary Diploma, International Book and Music Fair, Brasov, 2009
  • Honorary Diploma, International Book and Music Fair, Brasov, 2007


  • Excellence Award at the National Children’s Music Festival, Soul of the Star, Oradea, 2012
  • Reims University Medal, 2001
  • Anniversary Medal Gheorghe Dima, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of the composer, conductor and pedagogue Gheorghe Dima, from the Senate of the Academy of Music, Cluj Napoca, 1999
  • First place for instrumental soloist in the folkloric ensemble Martisorul within the National Student Folk Festival, Timisoara, 1998
  • First place for instrumental soloist at the National Student Folk Festival Flori de Mar, Suceava, 1997
  • The Grand Prize at the National Folk Music Festival, Pleasca, Salaj, 1994
  • The Grand Prize and The Roots of Eternity Trophy for her panpipe solo at the National Folklore Festival The Roots of Eternity, Bistrita, 1994
  • First place, solo instrument, Voces Primavera Students Artistic Festival, Zalau, 1993
  • First place, solo panpipe instrument, Voces Primavera Artistic Festival, Zalau, 1992
  • First place, Scouts Camp, Navodari, 1987


  • The Culture and Arts Trophy at the Successful Women’s Gala of Bihor, 2015
  • Flower Lotus Trophy, Oradea, 2015
  • Culture Excellency Trophy from the Ministry of Culture, County Direction for Culture, Salaj County, 2013
  • The Maria Lataretu Trophy, Targu Jiu, 2012
  • Theater Festival Trophy, Satu Mare, 2012
  • Gold Trophy at the International Tourism Fair, Nantes, France, 2008


  • Certificate for Participation at the Convergent Europe Conference in Linguistics and Romanian Literature, organized at ELTE University in Budapest, 2017
  • Certificate of Attendance at Social Sciences and Arts at CGEM Vienna, 2017
  • Certificate of Attendance at the 6th International Conference, The Science of Music – Excellence in Performance ICSMEP, Brasov, 2016
  • Certificate of Attendance at the Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy, Cultural Diplomacy and Cross Continental Cooperation: Building Bridges for a United Global Community, Berlin, 2013
  • Certificate of Excellence at the Annual Academic Symposium Mihai Eminescu, New York, 2012


  • Certificate of Panpipe Craftsmanship, the title of Gorj Ambassador, from the Gorj County Council, 2015
  • Volunteer for a Day to support the Food Bank of the Romanian Red Cross, 2013
  • “Drag de Romania mea” distinction, for “every moment spent in this noble profession, for professionalism, dedication and perseverance, for all the wonderful moments in which you have shone for the future, for longevity, decentness, seriousness and miracles, contributing through art to the complete definition of our Romania. A symbol of Romanian art, you made us proud many times and you proved that everything is possible. Your celebrity serves as an exponent, encompassing your talent and activity in an important chapter of the native art world!”