Bamboo Panpipe

Bamboo Panpipe

These top quality panpipes are made of bamboo, have 22 tubes, the optimum ambit for both beginners and advanced G1-G4 (Sol1-Sol4), tunable, with corkscrews inside.

Tuning the instrument by moving the cork stopper inside the tube:

The tuning of the panpipe is made as follows, each tube has a rather soft cork stopper of approx. 20 mm, rounded at both ends. The diameter of the cork stop varies, of course, depending on the inside diameter of the tube. The panpipe tubes are open at both ends. As the tube length shrinks (from severe to acute), the diameter decreases at the top. The cork stopper is already inserted through the top of the tube; between the cork stopper and the specially built space, remains an area that allows the tube to be tuned. The tuning is done using a metal or wooden rod. For higher notes, insert the rod through the bottom of the tube, and push the cork stopper until it moves to the desired height. The same procedure is used for lower notes, the rod being inserted with the thicker part through the top of the tube.

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Price: 3350 Lei

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