The Panpipe Princess, Cultural Ambassador of Romania in the world, a unique and unmistakable voice that covers over 3 octaves, Oana Lianu is a true one – woman show. She is an artist that combines vocal interpretation with the virtuosity of instruments like the panpipe, folk wind instruments and the piano.
Therefore, each of her concerts becomes a magical experience.


Ave Maria

04.09.2021, 10:00 | Baile 1 Mai, Bihor

The consecration ceremony of the Greek Catholic Church, an event broadcast on world television by Maria TV and TelePace Italia

Romanian traditional evening

26.05.2020 | Hotel Continental Oradea

Romanian traditional evening

International soirée

27.05.2020 | Hotel Continental Oradea

International soirée

Opening of the Estribor Carnival cultural event

March 7, 12:00 | Tenerife

Oana Lianu – Cultural Ambassador of Romania, Opening of the Estribor Carnival cultural event, Las Galletas Marina, Arona, Tenerife